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    Teams of 2 workers, equipped and courteous.
    By appointment, discreet, fast and professional work.

    Spring cleaning is a hard task that requires good physical fitness, which is a characteristic of youth.

    Student Works painters is a company that has given itself an inexhaustible workforce over the years, that of conscientious and determined college and university students.

    Company presentation

    Student Works is first and foremost an opportunity for University and College students to gain hands-on experience in business and customer service with experienced workers and professionals who add to the team’s expertise and fill in any gaps. Realizing our vision:
    Offer professional service at student prices

    Who are our customers?

    Busy Professionals

    With busy weeks, household chores can become a difficult task to accomplish. Treat yourself to all-inclusive service and enjoy your free time.


    Whether it be a lack of time, to please yourself or to help you with the sometimes too difficult tasks, our workers are trained to offer you a professional, fast, courteous service at a competitive price.

    Active Families

    21st-century families are often overwhelmed and torn between their work and children’s activities that demand a lot of money. Do business with a dynamic team dedicated to providing the best service at a time that suits you.

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