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Here are the questions frequently asked by our customers
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How long has our group existed?

Student Works was founded in 1996 by Cégep students.

From the very beginning, we have demonstrated that we are the best.

How old are the students?

We engage primarily College and University students aged between 18 and 30.

To ensure professional performance, we fill the lack of experience or staff by recruiting experienced workers in order to never fail in our commitments or the quality of service we offer you, all without charging you more.

Are we all students?

We have made it our mission to prioritize students, and that’s what we do, moreover we do not discourage young people from looking for a job, by collaborating with organizations such as ‘Carrefour jeunesse emplois’.

Secondly, we turn to the tradespeople to fill any gap in experience or lack of staff.

Do the students all have experience?

Before the beginning of each season, the new window and wall washers are sponsored and trained by the older persons. They are left to themselves only after successfully passing the skills tests and providing an irreproachable quality of work. As for the painters, they are trained in paint technology (pigments, finishes, thinners..) as well as in application techniques and safety. They are disciplined and apply a precise protocol which guarantees a great success, they are moreover assisted by a complete team which has more than 10 years of experience. In addition, it is not uncommon for painters to be accompanied by professional painters or even replaced a few times by pros, because our primary goal is to deliver quality work without compromise. In summary, we have for more than 20 years washed the windows and walls and painted several thousand homes which has earned us a good reputation and great experience in the field.

Do we have insurance?

We hold $2,000,000 liability insurance to cover business risks.

How will we proceed to complete the work?

What does the customer have to provide?

You provide the bare minimum:

  • Windows and rooms well cleared.
  • For painting, you just have to choose the colors.

We provide premium tools and products for our cleaning and painting jobs.

Turnkey contracts!

Are there any guarantees as to the quality of the work?

As for the window washing, at the end of the wash, you will do an inspection to check the quality of the work and fill out a satisfaction form that the washers have under seal to ensure customer satisfaction.
As for the painting, it is usually guaranteed for 2 years, which in addition to the satisfaction form, represents a peace of mind that the competitors do not give you.

Is it customary to tip students?

Many of our clients show their satisfaction with the work done by giving the workers a tip, which is greatly appreciated. There is no standard for the amount to give, it is at your discretion and according to your satisfaction.

Do you wash store windows or tall buildings?

No, we do not do commercial washing (scaffolds or chairs). Our specialty is in residential window and wall washing, and we count among our clients CPEs, daycares, and offices. We serve these clients on a basis of one or two visits per season.

Are we open all year?

Our services are seasonal, we start our work around May 1st, sometimes one or two weeks before (according to the students’ schedules), and the season ends around the beginning of September (still according to the schedules).

Is it necessary to book your services in advance?

It is strongly recommended to book your spot in advance even if you do not know the date that suits you. Keep your priority spot on our calendar and let us contact you in due time to set the appointment that suits your schedule.

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