Full Time / Part Time


Offers for 18 years and over
You must have access to a car at all times
These positions are not exclusively addressed to students.

Testimonials from previous students

No one has been able to defend the student cause like us, says Sophie, a student in Nursing and a supervisor of the window washing teams. We are living proof to skeptics that college and university students are capable of being conscientious, professional and dedicated to serving the community.
Student Works relies on the expertise of young workers who are not afraid when it comes time to roll up their sleeves for the most hated chores of Quebecers, says Isabelle, student of Administration at UQAM and customer service representative.


At first I was skeptical, I thought a student job had to be poorly paid and poorly organized, “That’s exactly the opposite,” I had a great summer with employers who are my age, experienced, responsible and who, having made the same journey as me, gave me the best tools to succeed my summer. It was a fun and profitable summer, I made a lot of friends, and I’ll be back next year as a coach with leadership responsibilities for the newcomers. Anyk. Cégep Montmorency.

How to book your summer job today?
Easy, fill your job application directly on this site for one of the many positions offered, when you are called, you can start working part-time (1 day week) until the end of your courses, then you will start full time for the rest of the summer.


Work in a team. No experience required / Car mandatory
Training and equipment provided / Come enjoy the sun
From $360 / week / clear / + Tips + Bonuses and benefits

The work consists of performing residential window and wall washing work (no tall buildings or scaffolding). In teams of 2, you will work alternately in Laval and sometimes in Montreal to service during the season, a few hundred customers acquired by students, who like you, from year to year do a stimulating and rewarding job.


Starting from $360 + / Week (Car mandatory)
+ most advantageous bonus system.
Work in a team, 3 months of experience or + required

You will perform painting work at our customers, you do not have any solicitation or estimate to do, everything is already planned before your arrival by our sales, estimate, and customer service team. You transport the equipment, pick up the paint from our supplier and execute a clear and detailed mandate, then you come back to see us for a future contract. That’s how our organization works.

PAINTING FOREMAN (team leader)

Salaries: $440 + / week / clear (Car mandatory)
+ most advantageous bonus system.

This position is aimed at experienced and qualified painters (men and women) who are proficient with a paintbrush and have the necessary skills to manage a work site and guide the work of a team of painters and assist them in delicate tasks. He/she must be sociable and very conscientious because he/she represents our group to the customers. Student Works offers selected candidates the chance to earn above average income and have a rewarding experience.

Since 1996 more than 400 students have worked with us during the summer holidays. They testify to a pleasant and rewarding experience, where they were respected and their work justly rewarded. Experience it, apply for a position and live the experience of a student job to meet your expectations.

* Approximate salaries, based on a 5-day work week