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Travaux Etudiants inc is a company that has given itself an inexhaustible workforce over the years, that of conscientious and determined college and university students, professionally trained at Bétonel and having passed tests on securing work sites, painting technology, and professional techniques of its application, to become the best entrepreneur painters. It is by this reputation, that we have carved, since 1996, a place of choice in this field.


  • Free written estimate.
  • Detailed and understandable contract.
  • 2-year written guarantee.
  • Work in consecutive days.
  • $2,000,000 Liability Insurance.
  • Protection against occupational accidents.
  • Premium quality paint, 100% acrylic VIP.
  • Students trained by professionals at Bétonel.
  • All the equipment and tools needed to fulfill the contract.
  • Student prices for professional quality.
  • Relevant experience since 1996 in residential painting work.
  • A refreshed home and clean premises when we leave your home.
  • Evaluation of your satisfaction with the work performed, by the evaluation forms.
  • An efficient after-sales service so that you keep the memory of a beautiful experience.


  • Your walls !
  • The opportunity to help create jobs for many students in your neighbourhood.

In addition to providing a high-quality residential paint service, we also perform, as needed, all plaster repairs, sanding surfaces before applying the paint

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