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The Travaux Étudiants team

At your service since 1996


Founded in 1996 by Antoine Halabi, then a student at Cégep Montmorency, in Laval. The idea behind Travaux Étudiants was to create his own job for the summer and start a business. He believed that it was necessary during the difficult period of the recession to turn things around in his favor, to assume part of the social charge and to aim for the future.

With the aid of an old mower, a few rags, and a borrowed ladder, he criss-crossed Laval, mowing lawns, washing windows and painting houses, in order to pay his way through university.

After completing his university education and starting a successful career as a real estate agent, Antoine ceded this business in 2007 which has become a group of student entrepreneurs who serve the metropolitan area. Counting more than 25 student partners, the team’s goal this year is to create 40 jobs.

After serving more than 6,000 clients, Student Works, continues in the same tradition and stands out today in the field of residential work as the company that offers professional quality work at student prices.

Our strength

Resides in our professionalism, we do not accept compromises when it comes to satisfying you.

Our values

Our contract

Thanks to you, we have work, and thanks to us, you have guaranteed quality at a better price.


We have liability insurance

$2 millions.


Only professional equipment and materials of the highest quality and renowned brands.


To ensure professional performance, we fill the lack of experience or staff by recruiting experienced workers in order to never fail in our commitments or the quality of service we offer you, all without charging you more.

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